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The Pohutukawa Coast Times’ mission statement is:
“ To provide accurate local news, information and advertising in a way that best fosters a sense of community and reflects the unique character of the Pohutukawa Coast, Clevedon district and their residents.”


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  • The paper with the most for the coast

The paper with the most for the coast

Welcome to the Pohutukawa Coast Times

The Pohutukawa Coast Times is a well-established and independently owned weekly community newspaper based in Beachlands, servicing the picturesque Pohutukawa Coast and rural areas of south-east Auckland.

Owners Duncan and Fran Pardon say the advantage of living and working in the area for nearly 30 years is their well-developed news network and thorough understanding of what interests their readers.

The paper's exclusive circulation area includes Whitford Village, the coastal settlements of Pine Harbour, Beachlands, Omana, Maraetai, Umupuia, Kawakawa Bay and Orere Pt as well as the adjacent local rural communities of Clevedon, Ness Valley, Brookby, Alfriston, Ardmore, Hunua and Paparimu.

Published each Friday, the paper carries the latest news articles and feature stories on local issues sourced from community groups, local government, schools, sports clubs and businesses.

Local Paper with valid local content

  • The Pohutukawa Coast Times provides a popular and effective vehicle for communicating specifically to its distribution audience.

  • Designed and produced at the company’s office in Beachlands, it is printed by APN Print, Ellerslie.

  • The tabloid size paper is delivered free each Friday to all households and businesses within its unique circulation area.

  • The latest edition of the Pohutukawa Coast Times can be also viewed online each week - see the red starburst to the right of your screen.


 Contact the PC Times:

Phone: 09 536 5715
Fax: 09 536 5714



Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm

Noon Tuesday for
all news and advertising



Free delivery to 5,600 households and local businesses in:
Alfriston, Ardmore, Beachlands, Brookby, Clevedon, Hunua, Kawakawa Bay, Maraetai, Ness Valley, Omana, Orere Pt, Paparimu, Pine Harbour, Whitford


Pohutukawa Coast Times

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