Advertising with the PC Times

Advertising in the PC Times - what's in it for you?

  • Our advertisers are really important to us - without them, we wouldn't be able to share news with our local communities. Every advertiser - large or small - will get great service from us.
  • We are the only newspaper to cover the entire geographic distribution of Auckland's sought-after coastal and rural south-east.  Advertisements in our paper reach more than 6,500 households (and growing - fast!).  Read more about our distribution area and the type of people who read our newspapers.  And check out this unsolicited Facebook post from someone in our community who asked: who reads the local paper?  
  • We are hyper-local.  That means we only print news relevant to the people who live in our area.  Because of this, our paper is very well read.  As a result, advertisements are seen - not just thrown straight in the bin! 
  • "But I do my advertising online".  Spreading your advertising over a variety of platforms ensures greater coverage. Many people aren't on social media. Those who are tend to scroll past ads quickly. We suggest using print as a way to complement your online advertising strategy, not as an 'either/or' option!
  • We offer a range of advertising options to suit all budgets - from classified ads through to full-page options.
  • We like to make it easy for you - you can supply your ad, or we can create one for you (you will need to send us any logos and images you want to use - see here for more details).
  • Our advertising manager Melody Cutfield is happy to provide advice about what will work best for your size business.   Contact Melody by email or phone 021 026 14467. 
  • We run regular special features with supporting editorial - these are a great way to showcase your business on a page that complements your specialty. Find out more.
  • If you're a real estate agent, our monthly property guide is the perfect advertising vehicle with heavily discounted rates offered to agencies who commit to regular ongoing ads.
  • Unlike most other print media, we don't charge extra for full-colour print. 

Advertising Options and Rates


Advertising rates differ depending on the size of the ad, where in the paper you want your ad to be printed, and how many weeks you would like the ad to run.  Options and rates are listed within our rate card.  Please contact our advertising team if you have any questions, or call Melody on 021 026 14467.